Grants Management System - How To User Guides

Grants Management System - How To User Guides and Resources
2023 NACFC Grants & Contracts Management and Administration (GCMA) Resources
CFF Grants Management System - How To User Guide
How to Enter in the Report of Expenditures
4.How_to_Submit_a_Supplemental_Request_.pdf(1,036 KB | 2024-05-01 17:14:54)
How to Submit a Supplemental Request
5.How_to_Add_Contacts.pdf(617 KB | 2024-05-01 17:04:30)
How to Add Contacts
How to find GCMA Award Support Contact Information
7.Contact_Definitions.pdf(466 KB | 2023-11-27 10:46:52)
Contact Definitions and How to Manage your Institution Contacts as the Authorized Institution Official
How to Log Into the Grants Management System
GMS Automated System Notifications
How to Edit Subcontractor Budgets for the Report of Expenditures and Renewal Budget & Progress Report
How To Submit a Relinquishment of Award Request / Transfer of Institution Request
How to Submit a No-Cost Extension Request
How to Submit a Change of Principal Investigator Request
14.How_to_View_Payments_in_the_System.pdf(282 KB | 2022-09-22 13:49:32)
How to View Payments in the System and Associated Contingent Deliverables
How to Complete the Renewal Budget & Progress Report
16.How_to_Enter_in_the_Estimated_Budget.pdf(308 KB | 2022-09-22 13:47:11)
How to Enter in the Estimated Budget
How to View Approved Report of Expenditures-Carryovers
How to Upload Deliverables - Other Deliverable
19.How_to_Grant_Budget_Access_.pdf(285 KB | 2022-09-22 13:46:32)
How to Grant Budget Access
20.How_to_Enter_in_Financial_Reports.pdf(636 KB | 2022-09-22 13:46:52)
How to Enter in Financial Reports
How to Upload Deliverables - Regulatory Approvals
22.How_to_Accept_an_Award_Letter.pdf(314 KB | 2022-09-22 13:44:55)
How to Accept an Award Letter
23.How_to_Navigate_the_Main_Page.pdf(233 KB | 2022-09-22 13:43:56)
How to Navigate the Main Page